• Spin

    Blood magic, blood debts, and forbidden love.
    There is always a price one is willing to pay…


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  • Crimp: A Fairy Tale Dark Romance Novella

    A king made him an outcast.

    Magic made him dangerous.

    Love made him a villain.

    Long before Rumpelstiltskin met the miller’s daughter, there was another woman.

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  • Twist (Book 2 Spindlewind Trilogy)

    In this heart-stopping continuation of the international bestselling Spindlewind Trilogy, Rumpelstiltskin finds himself locked in a battle of blood, debts, and destiny.

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  • The Crown

    A dark and twisted retelling of The Twelve Dancing Princesses

    “Some secrets should remain secrets”

    Releasing January 2018

Genevieve Raas knows how to create a world and characters that are as compelling as they are vindictive – Hannah Stahlhut, author of Wanderling

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