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Outcast from his home, Rumpelstiltskin lives in a gypsy camp providing tinctures and potions to villagers. 

New to being an immortal, his magic is unstable and he struggles to control this black gift. No one knows the dark deal he made for power, but that doesn’t stop rumors from surrounding him.

When Zindello decides to rid their camp of his evil, Rumpelstiltskin is dragged away and beaten until they believe him dead.  
A mute young woman finds him washed up on a river bank. Clarice tends to his wounds, and he is overwhelmed by her light and goodness, everything he isn’t.

He practices magic in secret, determined to grant her a voice. He also dares to hope that love might bring him out of the darkness. 

But when another man enters the picture, he isn’t sure love will be strong enough to save him.

Crimp is a fairy tale gothic romance novella. Enjoy as a stand alone work, or as a companion to my Spindlewind Trilogy.



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